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SoluciĆ³nes intelligentes para su empresa

1.40 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute
1.90 Cent(EUR)/Minute

Cheap international phone calls from Europe

Now you can make cheap international phone calls all over the world - no matter in which country of Europe you are*. With DCalling you can make international calls at the lowest cost with the highest flexibility. All you need is a local mobile or landline. You can use use all kinds of options - VoIP, SIP, Call by Call, Callthrough, Callback or even Webcallback. No monthly minimum costs, no new SIM Card or phone number, no extra fees, no change of provider. All you have to do is to sign up online. You pay exactly for the time you talk, you decide when and how much you want to credit, and because of our prepaid system, you never lose track of any payment. Our costs vary from the country you are using DCalling from, for further information please check our price list. You can use DCalling as well for sending SMS - free of charge with reference to DCalling, or for 9,9 Cents each, to any part of the world. Just sign up for free and without obligation, and test our service with your 42 cents trial balance.

*Please see our specials for calls from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and UK